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Teaching at GSSI 2020

Title:  "Second quantization of bosonic systems and Bose-Einstein condensation" (18 h)

In the course, which fits as an undergraduate level course for a Master degree in Physics (it has been proposed as a PhD course in the Math area of GSSI), we talk about the second quantization of bosonic systems. From the many-body Schrodinger equation (for particles obeying the Bose-Einstein statistics) to the Hamiltonian in terms of bosonic field operators. Theory of statistical ensembles, equivalence of ensembles. Calculation of the grand canonical partition function for bosonic systems. Bose-Einstein condensation: a phase transition characterized by the breaking of ensembles equivalence. Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation (aka Gross-Pitaevskii equation) as a mean-field theory for a non-ideal Bose-Einstein condensate. Prerequisites: first courses in Hamiltonian mechanics, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics. 

01)  Lecture  31/03/20   Part I   



02)  Lecture  02/04/20   Part I  Part II 



03)  Lecture  03/04/20   Part I  Part II  Part III 



04)  Lecture  07/04/20   Part I  Part II



05)  Lecture  09/04/20   Part I  Part II



06)  Lecture  14/04/20   Part I  Part II



07)  Lecture  17/04/20   Part I  Part II  Part III



08)  Lecture  21/04/20   Part I  Part II



09)  Lecture  23/04/20   Part I  Part II



10)  Lecture  24/04/20   Part I  Part II